English as well as Marathi language translation of one of the most recited hymn of Lord Shri Rama, which is originally written in the Sanskrit language

I was in my second grade of the elementary school, where they had the tradition of teaching the divine hymn (stotra) — one stanza every morning before the start of the classes.

For one week, we would recite the same stanza every morning, and the next week, learn the next…

Mainly using the YouTube shorts — in English, Hindi and Marathi languages

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1. One minute motivation shorts

The idea is…

Learn how to learn — Get the fundamentals right

Back to basics — after everything else fails?

Every now and then we hear someone saying “Back to the Basics.”

Why go back to the basics after everything else fails?

We should focus on having the fundamentals right, before trying to jump ahead.

It is important to learn how to learn to get the fundamentals right.

How to learn — when there is so much to grasp

To do…

Attend seminars, and conferences but first prepare to be better at conversations to get most out of these events

Seminars and similar events provide the best opportunities with multiple benefits. There will be experts sharing from their experience, leaders giving keynote addresses, thought provoking panel discussions and exhibitors showcasing their products and you get to network with many leaders in the field.

Be curious and make use of the…

Improve your communication skills

Get better in communicating with confidence

The only person with whom you will be able to communicate 100% will be you.

With anyone else, using all techniques and styles, and repetitions, with some you might be able to transfer 80% of what you want to communicate and with some only 20%.

In the Hindi language, there…

Take initiative and capture the opportunities

Take initiative to capture the opportunities

Always keep looking for new opportunities within the organization or section or department you are working at. There will be new initiatives, new projects or new programs functionally or cross-functionally.

In some cases, the leaders, managers, program managers might be looking for internal candidates who are willing to jump into…

Wise usage of your time

Use your time wisely

You cannot go after advancing career if you are not doing justice to your current work or job. All the efforts and smart as well as hard work will need to be done in the spare time. Where will this spare time come from? It is easy to proclaim that…

Shashi Kulkarni

I love to share from the experience gained over the years, and I am sure you will find it useful. I call it heartfelt sharing, with love.

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